Monday, June 3, 2013

Test Passed

The Big Kid in the garden

Right after Mother's Day I did a post about my husband being home from work for a while (A Test). Just as abruptly as he was laid off he was call back, much sooner than we expected. I am really grateful that he is working again, but I have to say I really enjoyed having him home. I wasn't sure that I would. I love the man, but I was worried that having him around constantly would be like having a third kid around the house. Sometimes it was, but most of the time it was having a helper. He entertained Miss B., spent some quality time with Dimples, and even did the dishes a time or two. He also got to devote alot of time to the garden, which puts him in a really good mood. It wasn't as much of a strain as I had feared. Possibly because it wasn't for a long as we had thought it would be. It's probably a good thing he went back early though, because I was starting to get spoiled!

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  1. Just after we were married, my husby had left for work and I was complaining about it to my Dad. He told me that there'd come a day when I'd be happy to see the back of my husby as he went off each morning. It's been 37 years. I'm still waiting . . .
    Great post! I'm so glad he's back at work. And that you had a least a bit of time together!