Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Best Birthday Gift

This past Saturday was my eighth wedding anniversary and Monday was my birthday. Sunday was our day to celebrate. My husband told be I could do anything g I wanted. I decided to take Miss B. to her very first movie at a movie theater, while they boys stayed home. Since we are planning a trip in August, we both agreed not t o spend any money on presents either for the anniversary or my birthday. When I got home, though, my husband had indeed given me a present anyway. He did the dishes. We don't have a dishwasher, so it really is a pain and my least favorite thing to do. I would rather clean the bathroom. Even better, he pulled out the baby wrap because dimples wasn't taking a nap. I came home while he was in the middle of it and snapped this picture. Sometime the best things in life really are free.

Photo: A little father and son bonding while daddy does the dishes.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Philosphy and Underwear

Miss B. got new panties recently. She has a serious underwear fetish. I constantly have to tell her to put her dress down and stop showing people her undies. Her new princess panties sparked a conversation that went like this:

MB: Mommy, why don't you wear princess panties?
Me: Well, they don't make princess panties for grownups.
MB: I'm sad for you that you can't have princess panties.
Me: Yes, that is sad. Poor me.
MB: I think it's sad to be a grownup. I think you don't get to have much fun things like princess panties. I don't think you should be a grownup anymore, you should be a kid kike me. Then you could have more fun.
Me. It would be great to be a kid again, but it doesn't work that way.
MB: Well you said I could be anything I wanted. Can you be anything you want?
Me: I suppose if i tried hard enough.
MB: Well you should try hard to do more fun things.

Having this conversation with her made me realise more than ever how much they do notice things. And she's right, I need to try harder to do more fun things. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mucus Plug and Other Things You Never Knew About Being Pregnant

A friend of mine and here husband are talking about starting a family, but her biggest fear is the pregnancy itself. Of course I am living proof that you can go through a lot of comlications and still come out with a beauliful and healthy baby at the end, but it got me thinking. There was so much about being pregnant that no one told me about until it was too late.

  • I knew I would get fat, but I did not know that my feet would too. And I'm not just talking about swelling. They got WIDER too!
  • Two words: linea niga - I had a happy trail that rivaled my husband's. And facial hair and back hair.
  • Speaking of back, oh did mine hurt. I expected as much at the end, but in the first trimester? 
  • I thought I had experienced heart burn before getting pregnant, but I was wrong. It felt like I had swallowed lava.  
  • It's a known fact that pregnant women are emotional, but if I had known the blubbering wreck that I could turn into without notice...I probably should've worn a warning label Warning: May burst into uncontrollable tears for no reason! Seriously. I cried once because the toilet paper was out.
  • And of course there is the mucus plug. I think i could've gone without knowing about that.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Murphy's Momma

We all know Murphy said "anything that can go wrong will go wrong"  This is what his momma said:

A clean shirt will be spit up on
Babies only poop in a fresh diaper
Freshly washed sheets attract pee and/or vomit
Children will not be hungry at meal time; the rest of the day won't stop asking for food
Even with a room full of toys they will be bored
Unless a sibling is playing with one of those toys; then that is the ONLY thing they want to do
The dog will start barking like crazy as soon as they are asleep
no matter how thoroughly you check, a crayon WILL be washed and then melted in the dryer
So will a piece of gum
They will hold their pee until you have to go to the bathroom or try to take a shower
They will start screaming the moment you get on the phone
They don't want to do chores. Unless you are folding laundry. Then they want to "help."