Friday, June 14, 2013

They call ME mom

Do you ever sit there and think...I mean really think about the fact that you're a parent? Sometimes I just lie there and look at one or both of my kids and I think WOW...what have I gotten myself into? or even, what have I gotten these poor kids into? Am I qualified to do this? I have an okay relationship with my own parents, but honestly we aren't close and we definitely have had some very rocky times. Most of the time I feel under prepared. I feel like I took a job, but I lied on my resume. Yesterday I got mad. CRAZY mad at Miss B. because she was arguing with me about her clothes. I felt like my head was about to pop off! But sometimes I think I have alot to offer these kids. I want to teach them so much and mold them into wonderful people. It's like getting a chance to have the relationship with them I could never have with my parents. It still just blows my mind, though, ever time I look at them and think about it. These two little people call me mom.


  1. Great post! I totally agree that sometimes this whole mommy thing seems a bit surreal. :) I didn't have the greatest relationship with my folks either, and I wanted it to be better with my kids. I have always tried to pattern my parenting based on things that I felt as a kid, and tried to change things up so I didn't make them feel that way too. :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Sometimes, I just had to go in and watch them sleeping so I could forget about the terrible, horrible, awful day we all just endured. And I'm still amazed that I'm a mom! Feeling totally unqualified six kids and 12 grandkids later . . .