Thursday, August 22, 2013

Who Needs Sleep Anyway?

wish I could sneak in a car nap!
I have so many things to do. All the time. It's never ending. And the OCD side of me has a little nervous breakdown  when things don't get done JUST RIGHT. I can't help it. I try to tone down my crazy for my kids sake. I don't want them to feel stressed when things are not going perfect, but unless I walk around in a constant state of wine induced intoxication (which actually sounds like fun right?) that's just who I am. And with my husband's recent job situation - we never know when he's going to work or be off - I took on a work from  home job. I had big dreams for this gig. I was gonna work just three hours a day and bring in some helpful extra income. HA! JUST three hours I said! NO big deal I said. Well  I've come to realize that unless I stay up past midnight or get up at four am , or maybe both, three hours ain't gonna happen. If my kids are awake they don't allow me the peace and quiet I need to work. as I type this post I have already gotten juice, changed a diaper, pulled dog food out of the baby's mouth, put Miss B in time out for feeding the baby dog food and taken three phone calls. So my choice is to do this thing in the morning before every gets up or at night after they are asleep. That doesn't leave me much sleeping time. But I haven't slept for eight hours in over a year so why start now right?


  1. Totally. It's so sad. So, so sad. I just wonder when, if ever, I will feel well rested again.

  2. Sleeping's overrated. At least that is what I try to tell myself . . .

  3. Ugh. I hear you. So many nights at 11, I think "oh, I'll just finish this ONE THING" and then I blink and it's 2:30. At my PT job, somebody asked me whether I could attend a meeting (over the phone) when my son is at home. Um. NO.