Friday, June 7, 2013

One Hairy Leg

This morning I realized that the last time I shaved my legs, I only did one. So now I have one leg that's a little stubbly and one that is heading to gorilla status. I don't wear shorts much because I'm so fair skinned that no matter how much sun I get I don't tan (but I DO burn!), so I really just shave my legs for comfort. When I was pregnant, I read in one of my books that a woman's brain loses mass during pregnancy, and I'm not all together sure you get any of it back. I find myself doing - or rather forgetting to do - all kinds of things these days...

I ofter put things that should be refrigerated in the pantry instead, like open juice
I sometimes put things in the fridge that don't even belong in the kitchen, like a bottle of shampoo (true story!)
I have to wash the same load of laundry over and over because I forget to put it in the dryer and it starts to smell.
I will put left over food into containers and then leave them sitting on the counter all night.
I leave my keys in the front door on a daily basis.

Is this just me? Have I literally lost my mind?


  1. It isn't just you. And WE have definitely lost our minds . . .

  2. We haven't lost our minds. Our children have sucked the life out of our brains by making us ask them for the 100th time to shut the damn TV off and do their homework!

    Oh and I am so glad I am not the only one guilty of the one shaved leg.

  3. Oh hell, no, it's not just you! My most repeated is loading the dishwasher, putting in the soap and then never turning it on. Until my husband opens it and says, "Are these clean?" Aw, crap.
    And we've lost many leftovers due to not putting them in the fridge. But he has to carry some of the blame for that one!

  4. I lost my mind, too... and my hot bod... and my shame... also, my feet grew half a size.