Sunday, May 5, 2013

Oh the Things They Say

Little Miss B has a fun new habit...she likes to ask complete strangers if they have fur on their privates. Yup, she's asking people about pubic hair. This all started a few days ago when I was taking a bath and of course she had to use the toilet. So I'm sitting naked in the tub, having a conversation with her while she poops when all of a sudden she point to my crotch and says, "mommy, why do you have fur there?" Then she stands up on the stool she uses and doubles over to look at herself. "I don't have fur!" I explained  to her that little kids didn't have fur, only grown ups. She was fascinated.
"Does Daddy have fur?"
"Does Brother have fur?'
"Because he's a boy?"
"No, because he's not a grownup."
"Doesn't Aunt J. have fur?"

She proceeded to name every person she could think of, questioning the existence of their pubic hair. I didn't even go into explaining to her about the removal of the 'fur' and to what extent that some people choose. I was actually kind of unprepared for this conversation. She's seen me naked a thousand times and has never commented before. When we brought Dimples home I was all prepared for the penis conversation, but she never asked about it. She was more interested in his umbilical cord before it fell off. And now, when we go places and people talk to her, she wants to know if they have fur.


  1. Oh boy, one day Allie saw some one with acne and told them there was something called pro-active they should try it.

  2. Lol!!! Too cute but sooo embarrassing!