Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Starting Solids

This was taken right after his first bite of rice cereal

The American Pediatric Academy recently released a statement warning mothers not to start any solids before six months or it could lead to childhood obesity. I call shenanigans! It absolutely depends on the child. I'm not a doctor, but I am a mother with experience. Also, when they didn't announce when they blew the whistle on the rice cereal, is that their study observed children who were fed solids instead of breast milk. Children who were introduced to solids before six months, and continued to nurse showed no greater risk of being obese. And it didn't study what these kids were being fed. I mean, if a kid starts shoveling mac and cheese at six months he might be a bit of a butterball.. I started Dimples on rice cereal when he was four months old, and recently began introducing baby food (homemade thank you very much!..but only mostly because I have a freezer full of garden veggies and it's free that way. Miss B ate jarred baby food.) And let me tell you, he was ready. He was trying to face plant into my boobs almost every hour, and even started to try to nurse through my shirt. The boy was hungry! He eagerly took the first spoon and has been a pro ever since.

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