Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Embarrassing Mommy in Public

Funny Confession Ecard: Just when you think you might be feeling good about your Mommy skills, a trip to the store with your kids can put you back in your place.I love it when I ask my husband to stop at the grocery store on his way home because we only need one or two things and he's all "why didn't you go today?" Ummm, excuse me? I'm not taking these kids out on my own unless the pantry is bare and they're gnawing on the dog bone. I sure will eat oyster crackers for lunch to avoid a trip to the grocery store. And anywhere without baskets is definitely out. Inevitably, Miss B. will fight me about either riding in a cart, or not getting some ridiculously priced toy that she will loose and or/break before we get to the checkout line. Anytime I see a child having a public tantrum I am reminded of when Miss B. was like two and half and I took her with me to the tag renewal office. First let me explain that she has this weird desire to sit in every chair or bench she sees. I don't know why. Well we were in line, and clear across the room was one lone little wooden chair, that I was praying she wouldn't notice. The place was pretty crowded of course because it was the end of the month and everyone was renewing their tags. Sure enough, she spotted the chair and started pulling on my arm. I wasn't about to let her go over there, so I crouch down and start whispering furiously in her ear. You know, making threats you know you can't keep in public. She didn't care. She started screaming and crying. What made things worse was the little girl in line behind us about the same age who was of course behaving herself perfectly. Everyone is staring at us. Finally, the clerk behind the desk had me cut in line in front of about fifteen other people. I was sooo embarrassed. I have never taken her back there.
      It's funny too when we are someplace and she sees someone's kid misbehaving. She's all "mommy WHY is that girl acting like that?" she usually says it loud enough for the other parent to hear too. I get secret joy out of other kid's tantrums, though, because it makes me feel better about mine. Having children has made me sorry for every judgement I ever passed before I was a parent.


  1. My kids either act up, or pretend to be perfect and score points off some else's tantrum... (I prefer the 2nd too)

  2. ha! I had a woman tell me that I could move the carriage up in the line once. I told her it was safer for all involved if I waited until i could push the cart to end. Otherwise their would be candy everywhere!

    1. Oh I know! Once, when we were in line, I wasn't paying attention and my daughter opened and took a bite of about ten candy bars. I learned that one the hard way.