Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Second Child

My husband's Grandmother died, and while we were at the viewing, his Aunt asked if she could hold Dimples. She was hacking and coughing, but had previously apologized, explaining that she was having asthma problems triggered by the stress of the funeral. So, I didn't think twice about handing my son over to her. I even used the opportunity to take a bathroom break, grab a cookie, and say hello to some people I hadn't seen in a while. It got me thinking about the differences between the first child and the second child.

First Child: anyone who wants to hold them has to undergo a full medical work up, wash their hands, change their clothes, and you follow them around nervously ready at any moment to catch the baby that you just know they will drop.
Second Child: Someone wants to hold the baby? Absolutely! In fact, they  can keep them for a couple of hours while you get things done! In fact, do they want to hold the baby the rest of the day? They're a little dirty? No big deal, a little dirt never hurt anybody.

First Child: Very limited TV time. Only educational shows, with no commercials.
Second child: Oh look! He likes Sponge Bob! Let him watch it if it will keep him occupied long enough for me to take a shower!

First Child: a closet full of cute clothes. Even a little dirt on and outfit requires a change, especially if someone is coming over or we are going somewhere.
Second child: mostly own hand me downs - even if it was intended for one gender, but could maybe pass for the other. Will wear the same outfit for a couple of days, especially as a little baby. If the diaper leaks a little, and it's only will dry.

So does the second child get the short stick when it comes to parents? I say nah. While they may not get stuff as nice as their older siblings, they get the benefit of having more relaxed parents.

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