Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Murphy's Momma

We all know Murphy said "anything that can go wrong will go wrong"  This is what his momma said:

A clean shirt will be spit up on
Babies only poop in a fresh diaper
Freshly washed sheets attract pee and/or vomit
Children will not be hungry at meal time; the rest of the day won't stop asking for food
Even with a room full of toys they will be bored
Unless a sibling is playing with one of those toys; then that is the ONLY thing they want to do
The dog will start barking like crazy as soon as they are asleep
no matter how thoroughly you check, a crayon WILL be washed and then melted in the dryer
So will a piece of gum
They will hold their pee until you have to go to the bathroom or try to take a shower
They will start screaming the moment you get on the phone
They don't want to do chores. Unless you are folding laundry. Then they want to "help."


  1. Oh, these are marvelous! Lived every single one of them . . .
    I will add a few:
    They only want the shirt/dress/pants that are in the laundry.
    They want (loudly) whatever their sibling is having at the restaurant.
    The phone will ring as soon as a fussy baby finally drops off.

  2. I've avoided the crayon in the direr so far.... but it's only a matter of time :(