Saturday, July 12, 2014

My Carpet Smelled Like Feet

It all started because I'd thought I give Yoga a try again. I so want to like it, but that's another post. So I get in Child's Pose, or Downward Facing Dog, or whatever it is that has be burying my nose in the carpet. I had a yoga mat once, but who knows which closet that is shoved into. ANYWAY...breathe in through the nose...sniff, sniff. Ew My carpet smells.

I have a dog, I have little kids, I have a husband, and all of these smelly creatures have caused an awful odor buildup. Never fear, I own a home carpet clean machine! Time to clean the carpets!

But I want to do this right so I pick up everything off the floor an start piling stuff on the kitchen table. Anything that's not furniture. And speaking of furniture, I wonder if the covers on my couch cushions are machine washable. Even if they're not I'm gonna try it anyway, because they kind of smell too. 

So, anything I can't lift moved out of the room, couch cushion covers in the wash, ready to vacuum. But maybe I should dust first before I vacuum. What good would clean carpets be if shelves are dusty? Get the duster! 

I go to the hall closet where I believe I last put the duster. Yup, there it is. I can see the handle poking out in between some rolls of wrapping paper and an empty shoe box that will one day serve a purpose. While struggling to get the duster out it dawns on me that this closet could use a good organizing. Then when I am putting everything back in the living room later, some of it can go neatly in the closet! Brilliant! Everything out. Hey! My yoga mat! 

Now everything that was in the closet is piled in the hall way. I start going through the stuff, setting aside things that I think I can junk or donate. Here comes Miss B. I've been at this for an hour now, accomplished nothing, and she's hungry. And she wants to help. That is one of the biggest mommy dilemmas ever. You want to be encouraging, but there help isn't help and you just want to get it done!

OKAY, lunch made, Sponge Bob on the TV and where was I?

Oh yea, cleaning out a drawer in my room to make space for stuff in the closet that I decided to organize while finding the duster to dust some shelves before I vacuumed my living room so I could steam clean my smelly carpet. 

Fuck it. Where's the Febreze? 

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