Monday, December 30, 2013

The Four Letter Word Every Parent Hates


The phone rings and it is your child's school calling to tell you your kid is......SICK


Of course I cared that she wasn't feeling well, but the first thing that ran through my brain was "NOOOO! I HAVEN'T FINISHED WORKING/CLEANING/HAVING TIME TO MYSELF!"

That thought is followed with the "MAN! NOW I/DADDY/BROTHER ARE ALL GONNA CATCH IT!"

Is that selfish of me? 

As it turned out she had a severe sinus infection and the drainage was causing her to vomit, nothing contagious, but still. I HATE when they are SICK!


  1. My kids have been healthy this year (knock on wood). How is it that everything is still so hectic?

  2. Not selfish at all. Totally get it!!!