Friday, September 13, 2013

Learning to Share is Hard

Learning to share is hard. For Me. Learning to share is hard for me. 

Yesterday Miss B. wanted to color. We had racked up on fifty cent boxes of crayons at the beginning of August when all the school supplies were on sale. So I got her a box and me a box. I LOVE new crayons. Freshly sharpened, not broken, paper still neatly wrapped around the crayon. She had a Care Bears coloring book and I had a Lisa Frank one. Anyone else remember when Lisa Frank was all the rage? Things were going well, and then, she wanted to color MY picture.

To some people this is no big deal, but to the crazy obsessive ones likes me this is a HUGE dilemma. I should teach her to share. It's NOT a big deal. It's JUST a coloring page. 

Except I already had the color scheme all worked out, and she wanted to color my purple unicorn brown and she doesn't color in the lines. 


I wanted to take my coloring book and hide in the closet to finish my picture uninterrupted.  Instead, I closed my eyes and handed over the coloring book to my four year old daughter. Later when my husband got home she proudly showed him the picture that she and mommy colored together. My husband was impressed - with me. And I stayed up late after she went to bed coloring a new picture.


  1. I somehow knew you liked coloring! ;) It's such a cute post, Amy. I love that your husband was impressed -- with you, and that you stayed up late to color!

    1. Thanks! Yea, he knows how I am. I just HAD to finish a picture. The OCD in me wouldn't rest until I did.

  2. Oh, this made me laugh! I feel your pain. And your need to colour another picture. Congratulations on your big step! :)
    Right there with you!