Thursday, August 15, 2013

Attitude With a CAPITAL A

Dimples is nine and a half month now, and giving his sister a run for her money in the drama department. Miss B was never one to throw tantrums, so I guess her brother is making up for it. He bites me when he's mad and bangs his head on stuff when he's really really mad. I'm almost afraid to take him for his next check up! The boy has bruises and scrapes all over the place. They're going to think I abuse my children. Oh and heaven forbid I don't let him have something he's reaching for. I swear he tried to bitch slap me yesterday when I picked up to keep him from climbing up the stairs.

I guess it's only fair. Miss B was a really easy baby. She never got into stuff, never put anything in her mouth, and was a breeze to wean, get sleeping in her own bed, and potty train. Of course, I feel like since she skipped toddler and went straight to teenager, I thought that debt was paid.

I guess I couldn't have two easy babies. All I can hope is that this means he will be an easy toddler. Otherwise I might go crazy, (Pretty sure I already am!)

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  1. Keep him headed in the right direction! That boy is going places!!! :)