Thursday, October 17, 2013

Slow Down Please

When Miss B was born, and I brought her home and began my new life as a Mother, I was so eager and impatient. She was such a good sleeper - and since she was my first I had no idea how good I had it! We would have to tickle her little toes and undress her so she would wake up and eat. I would stare at her for sometimes hours, just thinking WAKE UP AND DO SOMETHING! 

Of course now she's four and all I really want is for her to GO TO SLEEP!

So when Dimples came along, I was a little bit wiser, and a lot more patient. No hurry here. He can take as long as he wants to start walking and talking (talking-back that is!)

But he has different ideas. He will be one next week and last night he took his first timid, wobbly steps. Four of them from the safety of the sofa's edge to his sister, who had a Popsicle. It was the Popsicle he was after, I know.

When Miss B. started walking at around 13 months, I clapped and cheered for her.

What were we thinking with all of that carrying on and encouragement? *face palm*

But like I said, more experienced when I turned and saw my son walking I just stared at him with a mix of excitement (because it is an important milestone) and DREAD.


I mean, I knew this was coming, because he's recently started letting go and just standing there, but I was hoping to have a little more time. It seems like after the walking things just start happening so much faster. Then they're running and talking and getting ready for school and growing up....big breath. 

I'm not ready for my son to start growing up. Even though I had the same year with him I had with my daughter I feel like it went by sooo much faster. 


But ready or not, here he comes.


  1. Oh, he's adorable!!! You're right. We're never ready. And then, suddenly, it's your babies' babies who are taking their first, tentative steps. *sob*

  2. So cute. I totally get it. When my sister's second one started walking (and doing everything totally early) she wanted to push her down. Ha! But seriously, my son is turning 2 soon and I know I need to slow down myself and inhale all his sweetness. It's frustrating and difficult sometimes, but this is life, and there is only one. {sigh} indeed.

  3. You nailed it! My second is only 6 weeks and I'm already looking around my no longer baby proofed home with dread. I know what's coming this time and I know it's going to come entirely too quickly. These crazy babies, who gave them permission to grow so fast?